Making every home

truly smart.


A ground-breaking way to build truly smart homes.


We believe every home should be a smart home, so we created a simple and affordable way to build them from the ground up. Imagine a home that is truly smart-ready and pre-integrated before the resident moves in. Now imagine the home that can warn the resident of any problems, and whose intelligence can easily be upgraded in the future.

Domatic can do that. It is the first scalable smart home system a builder can easily install into the structure (or “bones”) of the home, turning a standard home into a truly smart home. Residents move in and take advantage of their smart home with no installation required.


For Home Builders:



Easily-installed and cost-effective smart home solution.

Deliver higher value.

Set yourself apart from others as a “smart-home builder” and earn a premium for your services.

Stand by your work.

Monitored sensors detect problems and ensure construction quality.

For Homeowners:


Everything in your home is smart-ready and pre-integrated with popular smart tech and voice assistants.


Service-monitored sensors are built into your home for safety, security, and early detection of problems to protect you and your investment.


Easy to integrate future products. Domatic provides a platform for software developers to innovate.